There are certain things that leave an impression on you as a kid and really go into shaping you into the person you become. My dad’s prized camera when I was a kid, his Nikon F3, was so amazing to me while growing up. A camera he would rarely let me use, which of course only made me want to use it all the time. When high school came around, I took the only photography class offered, not once, but twice – just so I could be sure our photography teacher was able to teach me all he knew!

tawnsThose photography classes in high school weren’t enough and I continued to be hungry for more. In 2004 I decided to head to the midwest, Southwest Michigan to be exact, to continue to study photography. While there I met some pretty incredible professors who mentored and encouraged me as my love for my camera continued to grow. After arriving in Michigan, I knew pretty quickly that I would be happiest as long as I continued to create photographs. 

While I loved my time in Michigan, I definitely wasn’t cut out for Midwest winters and I needed to see mountains on the horizon, so back to Southern California I went! Today, Los Angeles is where I call home and I continue to create photographs as often as possible. Ice cream is an almost every day staple in my diet, I have a love for plants that may border on obsessive and I need my daily dose of sunshine. I want to tell your story through images created with my camera. Some of my favorite things to shoot include portraits, look books, food and if you’re getting married I’d love to document your love! Shoot me an email and let’s create something together.



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